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Latest Name Contest Winners

Contest Title Entries Winner
Clinical Data Analytics Real Time Data 19
Mobile Phone Cases Website 291
Electronic Dog Fence Website Name Needed 103
Business & Financial Consulting Company Name Needed - Ideally With Slogan 123
Event Planning Name and Slogan 232
Naming One-Maned Web Developer/Designer Company 200
Strategic Management Consultancy Firm 84
Dog Product Advice and Review Site 104
Musician/Artist Agency Name Required for Experimental Partnership 126
Consulting Group that Offers Customized Resources K12 48
Holistic Nutrition 188
Behavioural Modification Products and Apps 272
Billing Company for Weed 113
Woodworking and Metal Design 99
Digital Design Awards 119
Creative Design Agency 281
Health Coaching 92
Online School for Healing 134
Jewelry Online Shop Domain Name Branding 144
Web Development Freelancer 239
Natural Body Products 65
New Technologies Software House 176
Inventory Management Company 190
Escape Rooms 243
Marketing Insights Reporting Dashboard 114
Naming Not for Profit 97
Educational Interactive Math Website 234
Handmade Custom Cutting Boards 120
Photo Print Website 195
Domain Name 88
Barware Online Shop 185
Digital Marketing Company 72
Blog Names 86
Talent Development and Management Consulting (Independent to Start) 102
Luxury Bath and Body Products 117
Yoga Wellness Brand 79
UPDATED - Need Name for an Affordable Luxury Solution for Elective Procedures 164
Perfume Line Names 166
Educational Consultant 206
Name for a E-Commerce Art Website 91
Health Protection Edu 59
Property Investment Company 115
Fun Domain Name for Site on Minimalism and Simplicity 142
Online Tax Preparation Site 202
Earnest it Company in the Mountains Service Remote Communities 90
Computer Vision Company 157
For Ecommerce or Amazon Business 81
Village Project 46
Online Pharmacy 156
Creative URL for a Site in Esoteric World 74
Name for Travel App 257
Baby Food 156
It Services Firm Name 129
Online School System 63
Software for Touch Devices (Final Round) 155
Career Coaching Business 126
Printing Website 106
Relationship Parenting Coaching Business 79
Brand Name for Product Developer 139
A Cool - Slick - Creative Drone Company Name for the Commercial Service Industry 120
Rebranding Wealth 99
Investment Strategy Consulting Company Focussing on Real Estate Private Equity 134
Hydroponic Supply Website Name 100
Local Event Finder Website 351
A Blog About Holistic Personal Development and Conscious Living 161
Branding for Vegan/Organic Handmade Bath and Body Products 68
Gift Ideas Website 312
Business Networking Group Name 284
Technology Solutions Company 108
Good Food Import 109
Psychology Private Practice 56
Hair Extensions 82
A Name for a Handmade Decorations Company 228
Food Production Chain 88
Video App 116
Mother, Daughter Business 124
Healthcare Practitioner Marketing and Strategy 229
Tech Consulting Co. Specializing in Business Intelligence 210
Live. Work. Wander. be Free. 264
Generic Two Word Domain 264
Online Wig Shop 146
Need a Name for a Maid Cleaning Service 139
Need a Coloring-Related Name! 117
Daniel Fuchs 153
Tech Startup - Salesforce.Com Based Advisory Firm 63
Functional or Integrative Medical Clinic 123
Educational Personalized Learning Platform 108
How to Open a Business - Domain Name 104
Starting a Brand 109
Nutritionist, Esthetician, Personal Trainer Team Up 70
Diet & Fitness Business 164
Second-Hand Mobile App/Service 150
Monster & Alien Masks, Helmets, Props and Special Effects Workshop 201
Social Media and PR Software 349
BRAND Name for a Bitcoin Debit Card and ATM Service Located in Quebec Canada 227
Designer Clothing and Accessories Retailer 145
Books and Programs Review Website 126

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