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Contest Winner Entries
Online Retail Store by Karina Ixel Soriano 96
Handmade Bow Tie (Domain & Company Name) by Archimedes 102
Bird Speed Device / App Name by ONE 64
Personalised Embroidery by Archimedes 231
Astrological Counseling Service by Archimedes 149
Name for a Online Educational Organization by niteshgupta16 78
Creative Name for a Domain that Sells Led Lights! by Jillian 152
A New Australian Business Directory by riceshine 255
Fashion Shop for Millennials by UnlimitedThinking 248
Beauty Marine Collagen Supplement Product Name by PoWeRoNiCs 106
Need Domain Name for New Shopping Ecommerce Store by Etymos 72
Continuing Education by Nischal 125
Mobile Time Management App by ThinkNut 109
Short .CARE Domain for Care Company by Archimedes 414
Bee Emergency Response Team by ONE 179
Global Telecom, Techhnolgy and it Sales Agency by brom4880 178
Escape Room! by ONE 546
Name for Recipes Site by ONE 328
Easy Restaurant Check Out by lcia2n 267
A Website for People who Doesn't Want to Travel Alone by niteshgupta16 112
Consulting : Management, Hiring & Coaching by ONE 152
Hydroponic Website by brom4880 137
Dating Website Like Tinder by brom4880 119
Blitz, Travel, Psychology, Everyday Life, Intercultural Communication by ONE 263
Non Profit Educating Children in Africa by Cute Thalia 93
A Counselling Business by Dijawa 127
Tagline for Science Museum by UnlimitedThinking 80
Excel Online Courses by Archimedes 290
Need a Brand Name for Casual T-Shirts Includes All Genre by SilverPoint 171
Phone Call Tracking Business by Cute Thalia 205
Event Distribution Service by Cute Thalia 152
Your Creativity Needed! Name for Marketing Website & Brand by ONE 168
New E-Commerce Website for Businesses by Dijawa 196
Website for Expressing Ideas and Experiences by Archimedes 217
Name for Innovative Electronics, Web Design Website by Cute Thalia 220
Pharmacy Education by brom4880 181
Web Design Company by Alwritey Then 303
Baby and Infant Sleep Consultant by NamerGal 126
Healthcare Job Board by UnlimitedThinking 171
Cellphone Docking Station - Animal Figure / Novelty by UnlimitedThinking 286
Two Journies by DNSabaton 108
Digital Marketing Agency by Nelia 139
Mobile App Design /Develop Company by PoWeRoNiCs 153
Jewellry and Imitation Jewelry Brand and Domain by Cute Thalia 160
Online Dating Site by brom4880 91
A Platform for Authorpreneur by DNSabaton 370
Website Design Studio by Dijawa 114
Logistics Consultancy Company by brom4880 120
Microsoft Office Classes by Archimedes 242
Natural Skincare Product Line With Small Store Front by Archimedes 272
Naming a Fitness and Wellness Business by Dijawa 206
Selling Gear to the Outdoor Unthusiast by anex4real 172
See the City by PoWeRoNiCs 141
Domain Regarding World Hunger Problem by Nelia 155
Craft Blog by Alwritey Then 167
Fun and Creative Name for Blog About Crafts, Cooking, Pets, DIY and More! by Etymos 92
Brand Name for Fashion & Life Style by Archimedes 232
Domain for Service Regarding New Christian Music by Archimedes 257
Tabletop Setting Kit/Home Decor by ONE 274
Virtual Reality Domains by Archimedes 287
Nonprofit by Archimedes 154
B2C Products Company by ONE 129
Online Used Car Dealer by Prakriti 207
It Must End With Construction by freelancers2all 202
Virtual Assistant Media by Dijawa 126
Software for Improving Office Work by Cute Thalia 161
A Trendy, Gourmet Gluten-Free Cookie Subscription Box by brom4880 163
Business Name for Accounting Practice by Dijawa 116
Backup Service Website by brom4880 258
Web Development Rebranding by Archimedes 166
Cyber Security Consultancy by Dijawa 137
Name for a Charity Helping Children in Africa by Etymos 110
Social Messenger (.Co .Ly .Com .Io) by ONE 254
Railcar Storage Management by Bulberry 94
Online Parts Business (Retail & Wholesale) by Dijawa 165
Name a New VPN App by ONE 244
Choose a Domain for my SEO Company by Prakriti 129
Wedding Blog by Etymos 335
Company Name With Dotcom by The Crowd Sorceror 236
Living Natural and Cooking Vegetarian by brom4880 199
Substance Abuse / Mental Health Counseling by Cute Thalia 164
Toxin-Free Hair Care Website by ONE 179
Software Engineering Consultancy Company by Dijawa 236
Business Development Models by Etymos 134
Home and Kitchen Furnishings by brom4880 111
Work Shift Scheduling Web App by The Crowd Sorceror 158
Gym / Bodybuilding / Weightlifting Brand Name Needed by brom4880 315
Cloudbased Business Management Software by Archimedes 378
Healthcare Business Name by The Crowd Sorceror 158
Name a Company that Helps You Find a Car Park Quickly. by Cute Thalia 234
Mobile Veterinary Technician Service by Dijawa 331
Name for the Software Development Company by Cute Thalia 216
Name for Enterprise Software Service Provider With .Com or .De Domain Available by Dijawa 242
Name my BIG DATA Lead Generation Company by ONE 250
Bath/Body/Skin Care Company With a Northern Theme by brom4880 149
Mobile App Name by brom4880 132
Smart Jewellery / NFC Rings by Archimedes 131
Travel Business by Alwritey Then 182
Property Maintenance by 2016lawncare 126
Name Should Preferably Include the Word ''Rate'' or Sound Like ''Rate'' by anex4real 131

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