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Latest Name Contest Winners

Contest Title Entries Winner
Creative URL for a Site in Esoteric World 74
It Services Firm Name 129
Career Coaching Business 126
Relationship Parenting Coaching Business 79
Brand Name for Product Developer 139
Rebranding Wealth 99
Investment Strategy Consulting Company Focussing on Real Estate Private Equity 134
Local Event Finder Website 351
A Blog About Holistic Personal Development and Conscious Living 161
Branding for Vegan/Organic Handmade Bath and Body Products 68
Business Networking Group Name 284
Good Food Import 109
Psychology Private Practice 56
Hair Extensions 82
A Name for a Handmade Decorations Company 228
Food Production Chain 88
Video App 116
Healthcare Practitioner Marketing and Strategy 229
Tech Consulting Co. Specializing in Business Intelligence 210
Live. Work. Wander. be Free. 264
Generic Two Word Domain 264
Online Wig Shop 146
Need a Name for a Maid Cleaning Service 139
Need a Coloring-Related Name! 117
Daniel Fuchs 153
Tech Startup - Salesforce.Com Based Advisory Firm 63
Functional or Integrative Medical Clinic 123
Educational Personalized Learning Platform 108
How to Open a Business - Domain Name 104
Starting a Brand 109
Nutritionist, Esthetician, Personal Trainer Team Up 70
Diet & Fitness Business 164
Second-Hand Mobile App/Service 150
Monster & Alien Masks, Helmets, Props and Special Effects Workshop 201
Social Media and PR Software 349
BRAND Name for a Bitcoin Debit Card and ATM Service Located in Quebec Canada 227
Designer Clothing and Accessories Retailer 145
Books and Programs Review Website 126
Name for Mobile App Company/Travelling Platform 149
Name for a Consulting / Training & Awareness Company 81
Sales Recruitment Agency 134
Start-Up Incubator 109
Need Name for Influence Marketing Startup 233
Ecommerce Inventory Manager Website 303
New Ideas or City of San Diego 70
Wholesale Home Decor Industry 89
Equine Digital Media Services for Equestrians 232
Payment Platform 210
Surplus, Liquidation Retail Ecommerce 223
I.T. Service Provider 345
Online Training Company 188
Mobile App Company 459
Digital Marketing Agency 248
Domain Name for Site for Business User to Book Travel (Hotel, Flights, Cars Etc) 190
Name for a Nutrition Club 138
Consulting Company 314
5 Letter Catchy Domain Name 264
Real Estate Investment 119
Short Names On: Quote, Pro, Skill, Talent, Match, Service 175
Work for Bitcoin Doing Freelance Jobs & Projects 120
Air Sofa 107
Four Letters Domain for Tech News for Youtube 24
Motivational Brand 101
Beard Product Range 151
Sports Website 196
Domain Name for Practice Management Application for Medical Professsionals 223
Software Development Company 283
Virtual Reality Accessory Website 446
Tech Company 22
Kids Healthcare Company 108
Electrical Contractor 135
Web Development Company Name 315
Crowdsourced Photo Edition 239
Group Housing Charity 135
General Ecommerce Store 228
Podcast Focusing on Story 73
Dent Vinyl Recon Auto 40
Aged Care Training 130
Furniture / Home Decor / Craft Business. 248
Business Building Consulting Company 65
Information Security Consulting 137
Cloud Web Hosting 289
Shea Butter 265
Birthing Classes Online 95
Health Coaching Business 230
Battery Company Brand Name 97
Medical Clinic Name and Domain 144
Authority Beard Care Website 143
Non-Profit to Help Fight Climate Change 127
Online Dinosaur Store 298
Life/Spiritual Coach 139
Ptsd Treatment Programs for Veterans , the Military and Their Families 68
Breakfast Restaurant 211
Wellness Center 93
Men's Health / Testosterone Supplement 302
Vitamin & Supplement Company Name 267
Retailer General Merchandise and Household Goods. 105
Children Fun Language Classes 161
Infrastructure Architect Consulting 156

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