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Contest Winner Entries
Beard Product Range by The Crowd Sorceror 151
Sports Website by PoWeRoNiCs 196
Tech Company by MERAKI 22
Electrical Contractor by GetAClu 135
Group Housing Charity by PoWeRoNiCs 135
General Ecommerce Store by MERAKI 228
Podcast Focusing on Story by WordyBirdie 73
Dent Vinyl Recon Auto by Dijawa 40
Aged Care Training by The Crowd Sorceror 130
Furniture / Home Decor / Craft Business. by mynameistrent 248
Business Building Consulting Company by PoWeRoNiCs 65
Information Security Consulting by Cleandesks 137
Cloud Web Hosting by FOURTH 289
Shea Butter by ThinkNut 265
Birthing Classes Online by MERAKI 95
Health Coaching Business by Dijawa 230
Battery Company Brand Name by Nombre Hombre 97
Medical Clinic Name and Domain by Archimedes 144
Authority Beard Care Website by Michael 143
Non-Profit to Help Fight Climate Change by Pascal 127
Online Dinosaur Store by Alwritey Then 298
Life/Spiritual Coach by mel_jones2010 139
Ptsd Treatment Programs for Veterans , the Military and Their Families by PoWeRoNiCs 68
Breakfast Restaurant by MERAKI 211
Wellness Center by brom4880 93
Men's Health / Testosterone Supplement by Nombre Hombre 302
Vitamin & Supplement Company Name by Alwritey Then 267
Children Fun Language Classes by Bulberry 161
Infrastructure Architect Consulting by Alwritey Then 156
Short and Catchy Name by MERAKI 240
Future State Agility by PoWeRoNiCs 113
Travel Agency by brom4880 146
Retailer of Dried Fruit Nit and Superfoods by MERAKI 260
Sport Performance Training Equipment by Archimedes 206
Helping Conservatives and Liberals Understand Other Side on Specific Issues. by FOURTH 189
International Trading Company by The Crowd Sorceror 157
Business Name for Agile (Scrum) Based Consulting and Training Firm. by Archimedes 96
Company Nane by SHOWMEDA$$ 128
Marketplace by Archimedes 92
Network Access Control for Healthcare by MERAKI 117
Name for Review Website by SHOWMEDA$$ 128
Consulting Company by Alwritey Then 98
A Catchy Name for a Software Consulting Company by MERAKI 199
Trademark Company Name by FOURTH 77
High Tech Admin Services & Software Training Company by Archimedes 277
Lead Generation Service by Nischal 149
Blockchain Security by janarthanan752 381
Solar Panel Power Green Renewable Technology by Archimedes 223
Real Estate Photography by Bulberry 229
Digital Marketing Website by PoWeRoNiCs 154
Luxury Watches Marketplace by Archimedes 303
Technology Start Up Name by Dijawa 167
Generic Brand Name for Software Services by Archimedes 171
Floor Maintenance & Care Solutions Business by FOURTH 170
Marketing Services to Home-Based Businesses by Alwritey Then 111
Real Estate - Rental Property Business by FOURTH 212
Medical Business by Dijawa 134
Construction and Interior Design Company by Alwritey Then 119
Software Company Targeting Photostudios by The Crowd Sorceror 156
Choker Necklaces by Nischal 133
Matterport 3D Interactive Visual Services by PoWeRoNiCs 137
High End Vitamin and Natural Supplement Company by FOURTH 141
Local Retail Social Network-Like App by Bulberry 91
Men's Fashion and Accessories Subscription Service Name by FOURTH 114
Women's Sportswear Brand Name by Archimedes 290
Travel Products Brand Name by PoWeRoNiCs 159
Fun Domain Name for a Finance Site by MERAKI 281
New Fitness Brand by Dijawa 97
Help Me With a Website Name Ideas by MERAKI 154
Non-Profit CRM by Dijawa 103
Drone Photography & Video Agency by Gary 404
Webshop Selling Designer Items by The Crowd Sorceror 157
Lifestyle Essentials by The Crowd Sorceror 108
Property Management Company by Archimedes 173
Brand/Domain Name for Viral Marijuana Related Content by FOURTH 58
Brand Name for a Developer by Archimedes 177
Mattress Brand by FOURTH 115
Yelp-Like Members Only Discount App by PoWeRoNiCs 82
Due Date Reminder Software by Dijawa 68
Womens Strength Training Blog Site by PoWeRoNiCs 145
Card Game by Dijawa 234
Dubai Business Consulting Group by Nischal 134
Brand Name Required by Dijawa 312
Exercise and Healthy Habits App by Archimedes 156
Amazon Seller Software by FOURTH 133
Happiness Coaching Website by Dijawa 233
Trendy Gifts, Wedding, Home Decor and Boutique Goods by MERAKI 143
Soap Company Name by Karina Ixel Soriano 270
Website to Assist US Military Members Transition to Business by Nischal 222
Online Retail: Better World, Through Better Fashion by FOURTH 176
Online Retail Store by Karina Ixel Soriano 96
Aquatic Resources Network by Nischal 224
Political by gwadi 269
Website and Digital Marketing Packages Sale on Website by Archimedes 157
Name for Travel on Budget Website by MERAKI 159
Handmade Bow Tie (Domain & Company Name) by Archimedes 102
All-American Online Store by Archimedes 109
Choose a Domain Name for my SEO Company by Archimedes 109
Bird Speed Device / App Name by FOURTH 64
Kids Inflatable Swimming Suit by FOURTH 206

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