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Simplify wireless network operations

Name Contest by LABasedStartup

We Simplify Wireless Network Operations by making tools, gadgets and software to help them visualize and optimize their networks. Our edge is our innovative and creative thinking. Making the impossible possible. Engineering at its best.

I would like the name to reflect an innovative and creative enterprise.

.com has to be available or for sale.

It doesn't have to reflect our business purpose literally, but that would be nice.

I prefer a short name ~5 letters, I know its tough but that's why you're awesome! But its not a must.

Target Audience is wireless network operators like AT&T, Verizon...etc ( this is a B2B and we cater for big companies)

I am pretty flexible if the name is awesome. Even Mango.com would have worked (its taken).

thank you :)

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56 entries were submitted.

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