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Social mobile app

Name Contest by Michel T

Need a domain and name for a mobile social payment application.

Variants can include:

  • Something personable and playful, almost like a person's name. I'm thinking here Mac, Siri, Android, Bic, TiVo, Wii.

  • Something androgynous like a mythological character. Or even something like a Greek God type-of-name that inspires trust. I'm thinking Aura, Medusa, Arion, Hermes.

  • Some magic word that inspires both playfulness and strength/security.

Must be easy to spell based on pronunciation.

Although not a hard requirement, .com domains are preferred over other generic top level domains.

The two options we were exploring are:
- -> TongueTwister, confusion with Firefox
- -> Not bad, but not very playful nor personable.


This contest is no longer active

36 entries were submitted. The winning entry was posted by David.

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