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Software Development Company Domain Name Ideas

Name Contest by phrozen10

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The winning entry is Cloud10Studios.

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Fresh name, something not as formal as IBM or AMD, more in the lines of 37signals, or yellowdot, thoughtbot. We develop software for the client needs, either web applications, or server, desktop, consulting, TI.

We like to see ourselves as innovative using the newest and latest technologies for every client needs.

Something with a number and a word would be nice, or maybe some Spanglish or spanish words on it (we're based on latin america), like "tuenti".

50 name ideas

Domain Name Contestant
10Labs techpop AnuMari AnuMari freelancers2all freelancers2all Scott panky123 Scott Scott AnuMari
Cloud10Studios techpop Scott Scott Scott Scott Scott AnuMari AnuMari
DotHarbor Scott AnuMari Scott Scott
GrassCall Scott Scott Scott Scott Scott freelancers2all beccawitz Scott Scott Scott Scott
Perfect10 techpop beccawitz AnuMari AnuMari AnuMari AnuMari etelje etelje Scott Scott Scott AnuMari Scott
Vialink Scott
Viapoint Scott
ViaStar Scott Scott

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