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    Nonprofit for Wellness and Sustainability

    I'm forming a nonprofit. My vision is to ultimately enable individual lives, communities and the planet to be sustainable and thriving. Emphasis is on wellness education, support and resources for: natural self-healing programs (especially thru diet),..

    Created 14 hours ago | 9 contestants | 4 messages

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    Curated Cannabis App for Newbies

    Cannabis app designed to educate and help users find the right cannabis product for them We lead consumers to products Help educate People about cannabis Quantity the effects of cannabis Simplify the Selection process Cureate the buying experien..

    Created 4 hours ago | 8 contestants | 3 messages

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    Two Journies

    Hi, I am setting up a retreat business that will include yoga, photography, meditation, fitness retreats that will focus on two elements - immersive, travel experiences to locations where one can really experience the culture of a place and the second ..

    Created yesterday | 18 contestants | 0 messages

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    Travel Agency

    I am a home based travel agency specializing in deluxe and luxury vacations for families, individuals and groups. I sell 7-180 day cruises, river cruises, European vacations, resorts and escorted tours all over the world. My ideal client is 35+ yea..

    Created yesterday | 16 contestants | 0 messages

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    Designer Furniture Business

    We are lunching a new Designer Furniture business and need a simple website. Primary keyword to play with: furniture, hip, trend, young, designer Secondary keyword: Habitat, Nest, Home please keep to 2-3 syllabus

    Created 22 hours ago | 13 contestants | 0 messages

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    Healthcare Job Board

    The website/app will advertise healthcare job openings.

    Created yesterday | 13 contestants | 0 messages

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    Property Development/Estate/Management

    A property development and management business that currently redevelopes and builds new houses for sale and rental The business is expanding into venue hire and farm and so the name needs to be one word, and generic enough (made up words acceptable..

    Created 2 days ago | 12 contestants | 0 messages

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    A Monthly Legging Subscription Box Company

    Each month, each customer gets a new pair of leggings. The leggings might not exactly come in a box, more so a stay flat. However, you can still play on the whole "box" in the name. Thanks!

    Created 2 days ago | 11 contestants | 1 message

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    Digital Marketing Agency

    I started a consulting company last year named Grand Glacier and quickly converted into a digital marketing agency. I also own the name Rapid Surge Media but I think the domain name is too long. I'd like a short name, one or two words. We specialize..

    Created 2 days ago | 14 contestants | 5 messages

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    Mobile App Design /Develop Company

    Looking for a domain for a company that develops web apps and mobile apps (but not limited to only those, also desktop apps too) The company really is a MOBILE FIRST approach and the web app is lower priority and desktop apps even lower but we do th..

    Created 2 days ago | 12 contestants | 0 messages

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    Hypnotherapy Practice

    I am starting a hypnotherapy practice that focuses on rapid transformational therapy methods for all issues: addictions, phobias, personal development and more.

    Created 2 days ago | 14 contestants | 0 messages

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    Website About Spanish Cities

    I need a brand name for a spanish website (forum) dedicated to disseminating information about Spanish cities. The brand has to be combined with the city name, for example Brand + Barcelona; Brand + Madrid; Brand + Sevilla. I'm looking for something li..

    Created 2 days ago | 8 contestants | 0 messages

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    Tech Consultancy Company

    small-medium businesses in the field of e-commerce looking to expand their user base and increase performance of the daily operations by upgrading to new technologies or implementing business/ marketing changes

    Created 2 days ago | 14 contestants | 0 messages

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    Photography Business

    Micro Photography business with initial focus on sports and portraits with the aim to grow into weddings and other types of events. Name must be timeless, easy to say, and preferably 5 syllables or less. I tend to like very simple but elegant and conci..

    Created 3 days ago | 11 contestants | 0 messages

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    Insurance Agency Name

    Insurance Agency - selling personal (home and auto) & commercial insurance lines to individuals, businesses, churches, schools and farms; based in Illinois with a target market of churches/schools and their congregations; other targets include farms an..

    Created 3 days ago | 9 contestants | 1 message

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    Jewellry and Imitation Jewelry Brand and Domain

    We are looking for a brand name for a new line of jewellry.

    Created 4 days ago | 12 contestants | 0 messages

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    Supplement Company Nutrition

    Must be Diverse! Really in need for a Brand name, I recently took the step to start my own product line, I have a big line of customers because of my local involvement within fitness and nutrition. All my whey is grass fed and sourced in all non gmo ..

    Created 4 days ago | 12 contestants | 1 message

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    A Short Brand Name for a Ecommerce Website

    I am looking for a short but can easy to remember name for my new ecommerce website which sells all kind of products like electronics, house hold...etc

    Created 4 days ago | 16 contestants | 0 messages

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    Rug Store

    Online boutique selling braided rugs, braided baskets & braided table accents. Natural, Hand Crafted & Eco-friendly. Also will introduce a line of natural soaps, lotions & candles. Envisioning a well curated boutique of heavenly home accents for an ..

    Created 5 days ago | 13 contestants | 0 messages

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    Anime Inspired Fashion Brand

    Anime inspired apparel. Design themes include kawaii culture, race designs, real life problems, food, animals, lewd images, comedy. Color theme is inspired by glitch art and race --car/motorcycle colors. All of the actual illustrations will be in drawn..

    Created 5 days ago | 14 contestants | 1 message

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    Search Engine for Weddings

    Hi! I'm starting a website that matches up engaged couples to wedding professionals and inspiration to fit their style and needs. We'll deliver a customized feed to users with recommendations. Naming Guidelines: 1. The name should be 11 characters ..

    Created 6 days ago | 18 contestants | 0 messages

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    Real Estate Investment Business

    new real estate investment co. specializing in nationwide virtual wholesaling based in St Louis, MO....providing homeowners solutions when they need or want to sell their property quickly.

    Created 6 days ago | 9 contestants | 1 message

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    A Platform for Authorpreneur

    I'm looking for a catchy blog name dedicated for aspiring writers / authors. The blog name should be short and punchy, preferably using no more than three words. I intend to use this blog as a platform for wanna-be authorpreneurs. The idea is to ex..

    Created 6 days ago | 15 contestants | 0 messages

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    French Ebook About "Anti-Aging Secrets of Hollywood Stars"

    French Ebook about "Anti-Aging Secrets Of Hollywood Stars" giving natural anti-aging advices...

    Created 1 week ago | 9 contestants | 2 messages

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    One Minute Tip or Advice

    The idea of our website is that we provide a 1 minute tip or advice from diffrent fields and sectors. people giving tips are the top in their field. the tip or advice will be a 1 minute video.

    Created 1 week ago | 16 contestants | 0 messages

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    Adoption Agency in Texas

    Hello! We are looking for a name for an adoption agency serving the state of Texas. The agency serves pregnant women who plan to place their newborn with an adoptive family. The target audience is the woman who is choosing adoption. We are not fait..

    Created 1 week ago | 21 contestants | 0 messages

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