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    Online Retail: Better World, Through Better Fashion

    A social company to sell sustainable (organic, fair trade....) fashion on line for a better world, given % of profits to NGOs. Slogan, "Be part of a solution" It will be a transparent company. I will start with T-shirts for millennials and polos f..

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    • 89 votes

    Online Retail Store

    Hi, I am starting an online store selling survival equipment, personal safety equipment and camping equipment. I am in a brain fog trying to come up with a good but short domain name. Trying to stay away from using numbers, or symbols. It does not h..

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    Aquatic Resources Network

    this is an aquatic therapy company where therapists come to learn how to treat their patients in the water. we want our new site to be the center of aquatic knowledge for the whole world.

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    Online Store/E-Commerse Store Just Like Ebay,Or Amazon

    Hi everyone, I am going to launch my first online store on shopify soon.Due to lack of time,I am unable to search or brainstorm store name. The store will not be just for one specific item or brand.I'll be listing different items from time to tim..

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    Trump voters, news, election, politics, conservative, right, republican, American patriots, fed up, pissed off patriots. Some ideas I've had Therightrage Rightwriters Therightstuff Saywhatsonyourmind Americarages Americaraging Pissedoff..

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    Software Development Company

    we would like to start up a new company and the company name should start with Blue and also the name should indicate the space and also world or moon type of extensions at the end. We would like to have available domain name as well.

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    Name for Travel on Budget Website

    It is basically for everyone on budget and wants to travel, it will help plan the trip and give full information on destinations. it should portray "travel" "trip" or any similar meanings, with preference to also hint on budget or planning.. not nec..

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    • 20 votes

    Website and Digital Marketing Packages Sale on Website

    Hi, I am looking for a domain name for my website development company where I will be selling the services as a product. Let's say there will be different packages for website development, SEO, SMM, video making and mobile application. I am expecting a..

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    • 2 keywords
    • 10 votes

    Handmade Bow Tie (Domain & Company Name)

    I am selling mainly dapper bowties and collars. I need refreshing and fashion forward name. Criterias: 1) Easy to remember 2) .com available 4) No dashes in domain name 5) No numbers in domain name 6) No slang in domain name Please do ..

    • 183 names
    • 11 keywords
    • 103 votes

    Global Tech Communications Agency

    A global technology public relations and communications agency is looking to rebrand. We provide public relations and media outreach for avante-garde technologies (big data, data science, blockchain, virtual reality, etc) and also start-ups. We w..

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    Brand-Able Domain Name for Customized Clothing and Related Ac..

    Hello, I need a name for my website where I will be selling t-shirts, mugs, canvases, phone cases and such. I will be doing the designing but i need a name thats brandable and memorable. It doesn't necessarily have to be related to the niche but it doe..

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    • 3 votes

    Tour Company in Perth: Name Needed!

    I desire a brilliant ( nothing else will do! ) fun, catchy simple n easy to understand company name for a new tour company in Perth operating fun sightseeing tours in a luxury passenger vehicle... As well as offering day tours out into nature, I will ..

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    All-American Online Store

    Need a creative, fun name for an online retail store. The target market is the people who consider themselves the "heart" of America: country/rural, Midwest, family-focused, "hard-work, hard-play, faith & family;" country, but not country-western ..

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    • 32 votes

    Radio Media Company

    I'm restarting my radio Media site and I'm looking for a new brand name that will stand out. It is a talk show podcast. I want it to be fun and hip. It is a talk show and I want the name to be cool and trendy, not boring. I also want it to be short. Ma..

    • 106 names
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    Choose a Domain Name for my SEO Company

    I am looking for a name for my SEO company. I prefer the name to be two words only. Here are some of the words that i would like to include in the domain. search factory rank media solution solutions

    • 212 names
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    • 16 votes

    Need a Name for a Social Media Website

    its an app that allows customers to book people in the creative industry.(djs,photographers,models ect.) its also a social media for creative people to connect with each other and collaborate with like minded people. i want it to be a 2-3 syllable n..

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    Marketing Events, Survey, Research Company Name

    would need a short company name with scope of work relating to Marketing events, Survey, Marketing research, promotions. Name should have a global feel and should be short Should have .com and .ae domain names

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    • 59 votes

    Investing Succesfully

    Invest in a direct ethical share portfolio which outperforms 99% of managed funds. A transparent process in which the portfolio is held in the clients name and they provide authority for us to transact on their account. We are licensed investment advis..

    • 191 names
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    • 26 votes

    Kids Inflatable Swimming Suit

    "Fun comes with Safety" ! Our company has a swimingsuit that keeps your child safe, comfortable and confident in the water while learning how to swim. It allows them and you to have all the fun you deserve! This swimsuit will be parent's best friend..

    • 231 names
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    • 15 votes

    Personalised Embroidery

    I'm looking for a simple name for an embroidery business with main focus (at the moment) on personalised teddies, keepsakes, children's clothes and blankets with future plans to embroider for local businesses as well. The teddies are called Cubbies..

    • 90 names
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    • 86 votes

    Photo Sharing Site

    The idea behind this site is similar to the famous where photographers from all around the world can upload and distribute their works, allowing free downloads to anyone. All the uploads are examined and must be approved by the staff befo..

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    Dental Lodge

    Pediatric dental office

    • 140 names
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    • 10 votes

    Medical Device Company

    Medical company that engages in life sciences, labs, and therapeutic marketplace. Could potentially own smaller bio-pharmaceutical company and specialty pharmaceutical/pharmacy. No more than 8 characters. Something modern to build a brand around. This ..

    • 202 names
    • 2 keywords
    • 8 votes

    Meal-Kit Company

    WHO WE ARE: We're a fresh meal-kit startup similar to, & WHAT WE NEED: An awesome, simple & easy ­to ­remember "suggestive-name" (1-2 words in length MAXIMUM) that sparks joy, wonder and intrigue. OUR MISS..

    • 86 names
    • 6 keywords
    • 5 votes

    New Real Estate Company

    Living in the beautiful Okanagan Valley, Wine Country, Desert Climate in Kelowna British Columbia. I will be starting out in a career in Real Estate. This is a heavily saturated market, So key branding and marketing from the get go are crucial. We l..

    • 300 names
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    Fitness App for Apple Watch, Iphone and Android

    I would like a name for an app that monitors heart rate and general fitness using Apple Watch.

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