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    Pet Social Media Site

    I'm looking to start a pet social media site where pet owners share pics of their pets, funny cat videos, etc. TLD must be .com, only 2 words in the site address, and MUST be catchy and relevant. Examples of site names I like: petbook..

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    Looking for Domain Name for Finance CRM

    We are looking for name for finance crm. Easy to spell over the phone, no confusing spelling. Exclude numbers and special characters Couple of CRM Names we like, but we don't need that sounds similar. PipeDrive HubSpot Jungo Lendesk Can be..

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    Need a "Vague and Edgy" Online Media Company Name!

    Our company places advertisements on users videos on websites, mainly YouTube. We are searching for a "vague" and "edgy" name that fits this creator space. We arent looking for a name that contains a generic phrase like "media" or "network" or "adve..

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    Cyber Security Company

    Name and domain for a company focused on real time threat detection and resolution of that threat. Targeting enterprises

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    Name for Consulting Firm

    We provide sales and growth strategy consulting for B2B technology companies. Our offering includes both initial consulting engagements as well as ongoing support services for an organization's sales team. + We are NOT looking for a traditional "ol..

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    Naming for a Luxury Beach Resort in Italy

    we are looking to change the naming for a luxury beach resort in Italy, we are looking for an innovative global name that will be followed by the phrase "Elite Villas & Luxury Suites"

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    Name Our Online '24/7 Computer Support Service'

    Computer Support Services for all PC/Mac users. Offering 24/7 help desk support for computer problems & resolution. Targeting small to medium businesses - mostly local, but will be aim to be global. Need a professional clever name that's easy to spell...

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    Car Truck Motorcycle Social Network

    Social network site for personal cars, trucks, motorcycles. Like facebook but for vehicles.

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    Enviro / Engineering Consulting Firm

    Need a name for a small consulting firm, specializing in occupational safety and health (OSHA), environmental issues, and related engineering. Focused in the construction and environmental cleanup fields. Best names would be something that could st..

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    Higher Education Scholarship/Grant Database

    An Education Technology project focused on providing a smarter, more streamlined process for students to discover and apply for scholarships to help them stay out of debt. Should be fun and easy to spell.

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    Looking for a Catchy Short Name

    I am looking for a catching and short name around the word "Republish" like retweet on twitter. It could be a synonym or a similar name from a different language if it is short and catchy though.

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    Blogger Outreach Agency

    We are looking for a website for an advertisement agency. The agency will support its clients by running advertisement campaigns on multiple blogs. The bloggers will write posts about the client. The multitude of bloggers and their individually writte..

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    Business Name Neede

    We need a new business name for our new company. Basically doing trading and internet marketing. Prefer not exceed two words. Pls keep it short and simple.

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    Ecommerce Company Name

    Hi! We're forming an ecommerce company that will have a variety of brands/websites beneath it including Jewelry, Bags, Wallets, Gag Gifts, Coffee Mugs, & T-Shirts. Most of the brands underneath are targeted at mass luxury items. Adjectives we ..

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    Travel Deals Website

    This website is specifically for travel deals, but not the deals that large sites like Expedia are always showing. This site will have links to deals that could be ending in a day or two, which are hard to find unless you are really looking for the..

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    Vitamin and Supplement Retailer

    Overall supplement online retail store. With a focus on Nootropics, Anti-Aging and Weight Management.

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    Spa and Wellness Consultancy Service Management

    International Spa and Wellness Consultancy firm that is specialised in Brand Conceptualisation, Design, Pre opening and Operation of high end 3,4 and 5 stars properties.

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    Name a New Software Development Startup

    This startup's primary focus is to develop innovative and unique apps and softwares. Also, to provide software consulting services in a new untraditional unique way.

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    Education Company Teaching Evaluation to NGO's and Community-Based Orgs

    We are an education company teaching evaluation courses to non-government organisations and community-based organisations to help them understand how to measure the impact of their programs. We teach courses online and through in-person workshops. Our ..

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    Self Improvement Network

    My website/business revolves around helping people improve all areas of their life (health, relationships, work) via mediums like videos, blog posts, and eventually a thriving community that can help each other out. I would prefer the name to be short ..

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    Mobile Application Name

    We are launching an app to connect people so they could share and use each other's expertise. The idea is to share your talent and make money at your preferred time while users will get their job done quicker and cheaper. The name has to be catchy, int..

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    Wordpress Maintenance Service

    We want to build a Wordpress Maintenance Service which first operates in Europe (at first in Germany). We deliver Wordpress Services for small companies and also large agencies or businesses which don't have technical knowledge in Wordpress. We have..

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    Small Business Websites Build Almost Automatically With Modulariziation

    We deliver professional Websites for small business with a very innovative way of ordering. There is a detailed multi-step-form for all necessary questions which are needed to build the customers website. Furthermore we have processes which ensures, th..

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    Pet Boutique & Training Center

    Prefer for a .com URL. A boutique pet gift shop with novelty items and basic pet Supplies (leashes, harnesses, etc). Initially the business will be online but will eventually be a physical store. Dog & Cat themed clothing, decor & accessories. There..

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    Children Hair Bow Online Shop

    Children Online Shop specialised in accessories with Bows 1st stage only Hair Bow (online) 2nd stage Bows for boys, girls apparel and other accessories with Bows (bags, scarfs, hats) online 3nd stage: dedicated bow bar in shopping mall or departmen..

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    Whole Food, Plant-Based Blog

    Blog focused on the health benefits of a whole food, plant-based diet that's oil free. Need a name that's clever and brandable. Shorter is better.

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    Online Fashion Jewellery Shop

    Opening an ecommerce fashion jewellery shop - looking for something catchy and that allows for a logo with two letters only (K and C). Open to any ideas!

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    Premium Phone Cases

    Worldwide business to consumer webshop that sells genuine premium phone cases from adidas and bugatti. Strong link to fashion / lifestyle. More information on the products: Short url with real words is ..

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    Interesting Name for Elearning Startup

    We are a startup e-learning company, where we design and create training / learning content and make it available for people on an online platform. Our expertise lies in creating content in the areas of banking, finance and insurance. Our clients inclu..

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    Hammock Outfitter

    We are a company that sells high quality single and double person nylon hammocks. We currently own but are looking for a brand name.

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    Domain Name of it Staffing and Services Company

    Need .com domain name for company -- start-u is focused on IT (technology) Staffing/ Recruiting and IT Services.. Need powerful, short name, easy to remember and pronounce.. that connotes our company slogan "Connecting leading organizations with top ..

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    Digital Marketing Agency

    I'm launching my digital communications business, with customer service in focus. I'm based in Sweden, but I am French.

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    Groom Your Room

    Groom Your Room Home Decoration Design Products and Small Furniture - Web Shop. european/nordic/US market similar sites/business as 1. 2. 3.

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    Fashion Blog Name

    I'm starting a personal style blog targeted at women who like to "dress for less." My blog will feature daily outfit inspirations, shopping hauls, beauty and style tips. I'm a master at making cheap clothes look expensive and I'm looking for a catchy n..

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    Tradesperson for Hire Website

    Tradespeople for hire website that offers a wide range for trades and services at short notice. Targeting residential and small business and pairing customers up with local trades. Need an easy to remember and spell name, something that would easily co..

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    Yoga/Wellness/Marketing Biz for Instructors/Workshops/Holistic Counseling?!

    Yoga/wellness/marketing biz for instructors/workshops/holistic counseling?! I'm a 200 hr yoga instructor, teaching at numerous studios in NY, but hopefully going to RI for my masters in Mental Health Counseling. I have a ton of experience with marke..

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    Strategic Management Consultancy Firm

    Consulting Firm specialising in the Hospitality/Hotel Sector. Areas of work will include investment appraisals, market and project assessments, operational excellence and improvement, design and construction management, recruitment and executive searc..

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    Name for a News Aggregator Platform

    I'm looking for a name for a smart news aggregator platform I was created. The platform is for the 18 - 35 years old. - The name should be available for Tweeter username. - 1 to 4 syllables maximum (2 syllables would be great). - 10 letters max..

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    Business Incubator, Innovation Hub & Startup Competitions for Entrepreneurs

    Firm that provides clients access to startup challenges and competitions, targeting entrepreneurs seeking to form teams and compete, and also acts as an innovation hub and incubator for young startups. I need a short and memorable name that is easy to ..

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    Training, Tools, and Systems for Tech-Starved Startups

    We serve entrepreneurs that are in the early phases of their business development and have poor or moderate technical skills. They have some customers and an inconsistent or stagnant cash flow. We provide technical training, tools, and systems that ..

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    Brandname for Clothing Company

    I am looking for a brandname for a new clothing company. Please make sure that your suggestions do not contain generally accepted terms or words for retail such as fashion, clothing, manufacture, luxury, menswear, style, trendy or something widely used..

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